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Need More Hits After Mario's 'Peaches'? Jack Black and Tenacious D Unveil New Single 'Video Games'

Tenacious D is back, and they're offering an ode to video games.

By Matthew Jackson
The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Earlier this year, as The Super Mario Bros. Movie began its impressive box office run, everyone was reminded yet again that, in addition to his acting skills, Jack Black has pipes. The co-star of the film, who voiced the big bad Bowser, got a musical number in the movie in which he got to declare his love for Anya Taylor-Joy's Princess Peach, and the song, "Peaches," proved so catchy that it wound up on the actual Billboard charts. Now, hot on the heels of that release, Black is back, with his Tenacious D partner Kyle Gass by his side, for a new song about video games.

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Tenacious D dropped their new song, simply titled "Video Games," along with an official animated video Thursday morning, and while the song is fairly short — just over a minute — it's absolutely worth taking the ride with Jables and Kage (real ones know) as they take a journey through video game history together.

The premise of the song is simple, and something we can all probably relate to: Jack doesn't play video games anymore, because who has the time? But the longer he talks about them, the more he realizes that video games are actually still a huge part of his life.

But, you know what? It's probably better to just let him tell it. Check out the music video below, just watch out for NSFW language. And yes, there are Mario references.

Watch Tenacious D's music video for their new song, "Video Games":

Yup, that's definitely going to be stuck in your head when you go off to play Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom this weekend.

It's always great to hear new music from Tenacious D, whether they're singing about superheroes or the best song in the world, and it's especially cool to get a song about video games just weeks after Black debuted in a movie based on one of the most popular video games of all time

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