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Chosen One of the Day: Julie and the Phantoms

By Preeti Chhibber
Julie and the Phantoms

I think we’re all in agreement that 2020 has been… rough. And I don’t know about you, but in this time of horrible reckoning, I’ve been turning to comfort foods, comfort reads, comfort watches — comfort everything

Which brings me to today’s Chosen One. November, in particular, has been long (did you know Halloween was only 10 days ago?!), so imagine the delight at discovering Netflix’s perfectly sweet and lovely nine-episode season of Julie and the Phantoms

Look, yes, it’s a tween show for the ABC Family audience, but readers — nay, friends — it’s about a ghost band of Drive-Thru-Records-circa-2002 looking boys (from 1995, though) and their very talented 2020 lead singer, Julie. 

IT IS ABOUT A GHOST BAND. The phantoms are ghosts!! Playing!! Music!! 

Spoilers for the show below, I guess? 

These boys were in a band named Sunset Curve in 1995, but on the night of their big break, ate bad street hotdogs and subsequently ate it. Their spirits get pulled into 2020 when Julie, a musician herself, unwittingly presses play on an old demo while cleaning out the garage. 

Only she can see them, unless they’re all playing music together, and then everyone can see them, and it’s a truly batsh*t premise and I loved every single absurd moment. 

Lead singer Luke looking like he popped straight out of a music video from The Ataris? Yes. 

Julie and the Phantoms 1

Cheyenne Jackson playing an over-the-top evil ghost committed to being the Best Dead Night Club Owner / Also Dead Performer and so NO! These boys and their talent cannot stand? Yes. 

Julie and the Phantoms 2

Julie and Luke partnering on the most wonderful, absolutely wild daydream So You Think You Can Dance-style contemporary dance number? Definitely. 

Julie and the Phantoms 3

Booboo Stewart as Willie, a skateboarding ghost, forced to do the will of Cheyenne Jackson because he cannot give up skateboarding? Absolutely. 

(I do not understand why Jackson here is dressed like he’s Jack the Ripper or maybe the Tuxedo Man from Sailor Moon and I genuinely don’t care.) 

Julie and the Phantoms 4

Alex, the anxious drummer, making me feel seen at every turn? Yup. 

Julie and the Phantoms 5

The boys being the most supportive of Julie because they think she talented and deserves to make music? Ugly crying while I say yes to this. 

Julie and the Phantoms 6

Look, the entire thing is just perfect and sweet and I am going to watch it three more times so I can feel something good again. Now, I’ll leave you with my new favorite ghost band: 

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