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Chosen One Of The Day: Matthew Goode drinking wine in A Discovery of Witches

By Jessica Toomer

May I introduce you to Matthew Goode?

He’s that good-looking British guy you’ve seen somewhere before. Maybe he was the love interest, a supporting character, a secondary villain in an Amazon Prime series. You’ve recognized him at awards shows, you’d guess he was a celebrity if you ran into him on the street, but you’re about to have a full-on obsession for the guy.


Because he’s positioned as a total babe magnet in the new fantasy romance A Discovery of Witches.

Yes, we used the word “babe magnet.” Don’t judge us. This is what the beauty of Matthew Goode does to a person.

Goode plays another Matthew on the show, Matthew Clairmont, a biology professor at Oxford. A biology professor at Oxford who just happens to be a 1,500-year-old vampire who’s desperately in love with a witch. Their romance is sweeping, forbidden.

It’s the grown-up Twilight content we’ve all been yearning for.

But we’re not here to gush about soulmates and historic libraries and French castle porn – the show has all of those things but everyone’s talking about them. No, we’re going to dive into a topic left completely untouched by the mainstream media. We’re going to talk about what no one else seems brave enough to address: the sensuality of Matthew Goode drinking a good glass of fine wine.


The thirst is real. But to understand how Goode became so proficient in guzzling the grape juice we have to go back in time and visit another show, The Wine Show.

The Wine Show is a series that pairs Goode with The Americans star Matthew Rhys, drops them in the Italian countryside and asks them to simply enjoy the fruits of being talented, beautiful actors who enjoy the indulgence of quality liquor. Over the course of two seasons, they become vino virtuosos, chatting it up with Michelin star chefs, toasting their shared excellence, sporting fedoras, and untamed beards, cruising around in classic cars, treating us to bits of quintessential British sarcasm.

They’re charming, they’re self-deprecating, they’re high-maintenance, they’re gorgeous, and they enjoy a good glass of wine. They’re the model Brit.

But the show has become more than just a fun jaunt through wine cellars and grape vines, because Goode has used the knowledge he gained during his time as host and transferred it to his character on A Discovery of Witches.

The result: a sophisticated, panty-melting vampire with expensive tastes who makes drinking wine seem like the hottest of foreplay.

Just look at the way his masculine hand grips the stem, the way his lips caress the rim of the glass, the way he tips it back and funnels it down his long, elegant throat – vampires love throats so it’s not weird that we’re fixating on this part of the body okay?!
That is no mere actor playing a role, that is a refined, experience sommelier just itching to break through.

Cheers to you, Matthew Goode. You make drinking look so damn good.

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