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Chosen One of the Day: Michael B. Jordan, Naruto superfan

By Preeti Chhibber
Michael B. Jordan

Look, Naruto is great. The anime’s been around for, like, 10 thousand years. It rivals Dragon Ball Z and One Piece in terms of sheer amount of c-o-n-t-e-n-t. That said, for a long time, it felt like only true nerds loved it. Only true, quietly stalking Naruto forums and fanfic dot net nerds. “Felt” being the operative word because turns out, buds, we are not alone. 

Enter: Michael B. Jordan. Back in 2017, our guy did a question and answer session with Vogue Magazine and in it, the man behind the camera asks Michael to point to a spot on a map of somewhere he’d like to go. 

“Oh man, I’m obsessed.” He says, swinging forward to gesture to the map, “Tokyo, Japan.” 

Nice.” says the camera-man. 

“Anime. It’s the best,” continues Jordan.

Fast forward a year, Jordan responded to a Twitter request asking for his favorite anime. 

“My favorite anime is Naruto Shippuden.” 

Michael B Jordan Naruto tweet

Same, Michael B. Jordan, same. Jordan is a forehead-protector-wearing, Kakashi-Hatake-quoting, Sasuke-Uchiha-loving nerd. And again, same. 

But this is not where our story ends, no. Our story continues here in 2019, when Jordan announced a collaboration with COACH — of all things — for a Naruto-themed collection. There is Naruto couture in the world and I wish I could go back in time and tell my 19-year-old self that this was going to be a thing. Michael B. Jordan looked at anime and looked at fashion and said, wait. Here is an opportunity to charge FIF *clap emoji* TEEN *clap emoji*  HUNDRED *clap emoji* American dollars for a parka. He really got COACH to do a video in which he sports a sharingan. 

Michael B Jordan Sharingan

I genuinely love everything about this and since we’re being real, if anyone wants to send me that jean jacket with Naruto doing the rasengan on the back I wouldn’t say no. Bless you, Michael B. Jordan, for being the biggest Naruto stan there is.