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SYFY WIRE Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan turns Jake from State Farm into a horror character on 'SNL'

As SNL's most recent host, Michael B. Jordan showed off his thriller skills. 

By Matthew Jackson
Michael B. Jordan on SNL

Saturday Night Live is an interesting gig for any aspiring host, because it allows them the potential to prove just how flexible they can be with their talents. The sketch comedy show allows dramatic actors to be funny, sure, but there's also the chance to play within a whole range of genres through the series' many parodies, which means you might be able to do comedy and horror at the same time. 

That's the chance Michael B. Jordan got when he showed up last week for his first-time hosting gig — and he didn't disappoint. Jordan, on hand to promote the upcoming Creed III, dove right in to SNL's blend of live comedy and pre-taped send-ups, and he proved why he's a star over the course of the 90-minute episode. There were several highlights, but it might never have gotten better than "Jake from State Farm," a commercial parody that cast Jordan as the title insurance company spokesperson.

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In the real ads, Jake from State Farm is a friendly, funny guy who seems to always show up right when his customers need him, offering advice and tips explaining why State Farm is the best insurance company for their needs. The sketch starts with that vibe, then asks the question: What if Jake showed up to help you and then just ... never left?

Check it out below:

Saturday Night Live has long excelled at these kinds of commercial parodies, which launch with the typical commercial framing and then pivot to something sexier, scarier, or just plain weirder. In recent years they've done it with everything from Totino's pizza rolls to Target, so the Jake from State Farrm ad fits right in. It fits so well, in fact, that it's easy to see Jordan coming back in subsequent years to reprise the role, creating a whole mini Stepfather-like franchise of commercial parodies that also play as weird psychological thrillers. 

Creed III, which also marks Jordan's directorial debut, is in theaters March 3. His full Saturday Night Live episode is now streaming on Peacock.

Want to see how other Saturday Night Live hosts and cast members handled commercial parodies in the past? Every season of SNL is available to stream on Peacock.