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Chosen One of the Day: Mr. Ball Legs from Santa Clarita Diet

By Heather Mason
Santa Clarita Diet - Mr. Ball Legs

Way back in Season 1 of Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet, realtor Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) began to projectile vomit one day in the middle of showing a nice house in the suburbs.

Within that pool of vomit was what looked like a random organ, but was actually one of the cutest things on the planet — only Sheila didn't know it yet, so she threw him in the freezer and went on living her new undead life.

In Season 2, Sheila meets another undead human named Ramona, who'd let her organ-like ball grow after legs spontaneously sprouted from it one day. Turns out, it's actually an adorable little pet named Mr. Ball Legs, and HE IS PERFECT.

mr ball legs - Santa Clarita Diet
Sheila forms a bond with him and once Ramona leaves town, Mr. Ball Legs basically becomes Sheila's best friend. I mean, people have spiders for pets, right? This is basically the same, except she puked him out of her right before she died and then came back to life.

In Season 3, it's clear Sheila is super attached to Mr. Ball Legs. She even gets him a little friend to play with.

mr ball legs - Santa Clarita Diet
It's nice to have ONE GOOD THING come out of being undead. After all she's been through, Sheila deserves a cute pet (who might secretly be the very thing that turned her into a zombie, to begin with).

So thank you, Mr. Ball Legs, for being the one upside to the whole undead issue.

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