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SYFY WIRE The Good Place

Chosen One of the Day: Pillboi from The Good Place

By Courtney Enlow

Jason Mendoza is a special treasure of a man, and it takes a gem of equal sparkle to be his best friend. 

That gem is Pillboi. PILLBOI! *kisses fingers, points them to the lord*

One of Jacksonville, Florida's most esteemed professional amateur DJs, Pillboi (Eugene Cordero) loves broken hot tubs, Hot Pockets, and hot handshakes.


He is an entrepreneur and inventor, creating the first and only body spray/energy drink you didn't know you needed and also do not need. He makes solid investments, like spending his last $10 on an $8 burrito and $2 guac. He's a criminal mastermind and excellent at disguises.


On this week's Strong Female Characters, we played a Good Place-themed game of Frak, Marry, Kill, and dedicated one round to discussing what we might do with Pillboi. Unfortunately, we all killed him, but we think he'd understand (and you would, too — I mean clearly you marry Derek). If The Good Place has taught us anything, it's that there's more to life than life, and Pillboi's afterlife can only be an improvement. See you in the void, Pillboi.

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