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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Raven and her coconut cream pies

By Courtney Enlow

In an arc I would personally finance in order to be adapted for the ever-so-slightly grittier Titans show, Teen Titans Go! went full Gilligan's Island for a five-episode stint of sheer madness. And nothing was madder than Raven and her coconut cream pies.

See, on this island, all they have is coconuts. Coconut TV remotes for the coconut TV featuring all-coconut programming, and breaks to go to the coconut toilet. All that coco-effort can build up an appetite. Perhaps for some...coconut cream pie?


I'm not a coconut person. But. Raven is a pretty convincing spokesdemon for this thing. How long would it take me trapped on a desert island before I make it a dessert island and go nuts for coconuts? I mean, the pies took Raven pretty quickly. If not for Wilson, would Tom Hanks have gone full-Raven in Castaway? Is the myth of the Siren song no actual song at all, but coconut cream pie? Is that why the rum was gone in Pirates of the Caribbean, because Elizabeth Swann used it all for a boozy collection of delicious coconut creeeeaaaam piiiiiieeesss? *weird squinty flat-mouth smile*

Anyway, who's hungry?