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Chosen One of the Day: Robin Arryn's Game of Thrones glow-up

By Jessica Toomer

Game of Thrones wrapped its epic saga with a divisive series finale that left fans wondering exactly which men they should be rooting for in this new world order.

It’s certainly not the mopey Jon Snow, who returned North to probably start an emo cover-band with Tormund that exclusively plays My Chemical Romance tracks. It’s not Tyrion Lannister, the traitor who grew dumber the soberer he became over the course of the show’s final season. And really, is Bran, the stoner kid with a weird bird fetish, even in the running? No.

The men of Westeros are, by and large, utter disappointments. But there was one little lord who shocked the world with his impressive glow-up in the series finale.

That’s right, it’s 2019 and we’ve got the hots for Robin Arryn.

For those who don’t remember the young Lord of the Eyrie, here’s a quick refresher course: He breastfed from his psychotic mother’s teat until he was in his early teens. He enjoyed throwing innocents out the Moon Door, a gaping hole in a tower that was used to send people plummeting to their death. And he was last seen being easily manipulated by Petyr Baelish, who offered him a falcon in exchange for his forces in the Battle of the Bastards.

Well, color us shocked, fam, because that breast milk seems to have done “Sweetrobin” all kinds of good.

The little boy prone to fits of hysterics whose favorite pastime was throwing s*** out of his tower has become a man who prefers suits of blue velvet and sits in on historic council meetings, deciding the fate of the six kingdoms.

Sure, he still seems scatterbrained, and we have absolutely no hope that he’s grown into a well-adjusted young man, but he ain’t bad to look at, and we’ll take the small mercies.

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