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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Rogue Storm

By Stephanie Williams

What happens after a $200 date with Dr. Doom? Well if you ask Storm, it means being trapped in your own body unable to move because Doom has decided to make you a statue. Extra unfortunately, for Storm, this was a worst-case scenario, thanks to her claustrophobia, a condition she had yet to receive any kind of therapy for. When Charles Xavier takes you in all you get is a bed, a mind probe, maybe an X-Men suit, and most definitely more trauma.

So it totally makes sense that Storm would become completely consumed by her fear of being in enclosed spaces, going from Storm to Rogue Storm, which is cloudy with a 100% chance of “everyone is probably going to die horrifically.”

The X-Men are in Latveria in Uncanny X-Men #145 after being blackmailed into going there to save Arcade. As a diversion, Storm has dinner with Dr. Doom. Both are quite smitten with one another too. Dr. Doom, of course, finds out that it was all a ruse and retaliates, writing a check he can't cash when he imprisons Strom in her own body. Once she finally emerges, she is nothing but all-consuming power. Kind of like Phoenix mixed with Mother Earth.


Rogue Storm is category all-hell-just-broke-loose. Storm makes this final goddess form of great power look fabulous. The best thing about Rogue Storm, however, is that she was the only one strong enough to handle her own self and reign in her power. Storm is forever a bad bitch.