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SYFY WIRE Star Trek: Picard

Chosen One of the Day: Star Trek Picard's hot emo Romulan, Narek

By Preeti Chhibber
Narek Star Trek Picard hero

Look, when it comes to things of the Star, I’ve always been pretty staunchly in a Wars lane rather than a Trek. But that said, I’m here for Star Trek: Picard. Patrick Stewart is back as the titular Jean-Luc Picard, the one Trek Captain I actually grew up with, plus Picard’s got intrigue! It’s got drama! It’s got not one, but two roles for Santiago Cabrera. A Santiagos Cabrera, if you will. And if that wasn’t enough to, ahem, engage, it’s also got Narek. Narek is a double-agent Romulan on a broken Borg Cube (or something). 

Narek is also the Hottest Emo Romulan and has me feeling like I’m 19-years-old again. Played to perfection by Harry Treadaway, Narek’s got a lot going for him: the shaggy hair, the secretly sweet disposition, the anxiety, and oh! ~Teh Angst~

He’s probably listening to Thursday’s “Understanding in a Car Crash” as I write this sentence. He looks like the lead in a Something Corporate music video. We absolutely could have hung out during the Drive Thru Records tour of 2003. I wonder how many band tees he owns. He helped me crowd surf at a Vendetta Red show once. We went to a Finch show super early and met the band. They were impressed that Narek knew all the lyrics to the "Letters to You" demo that he downloaded off Kazaa. 

I’ve got a million of these. 

But really, I can’t wait for Narek to fall deeply in love with Soji and lay it all on the line for her while serenading her with Taking Back Sunday lyrics. In a fit of tragic romance, he’ll lay in her arms after, like, a last desperate battle. 

“And with my one last gasping breath,” he’ll sing, “I’d apologize for bleeding on your shirt.” 

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