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Chosen One of the Day: Storm and Forge's lover's cabin

By Stephanie Williams

Storm and Forge once fell through a gateway created by an ancient mystical entity named Adversary. They ended up on a parallel earth in which no other humans existed. An introvert's dream and probably the safest a member of Charles Xavier’s X-Men team had ever been. No humans, clean air, animals, untouched earth, and eventually a cute little lover's cabin built by Forge. They were essentially in their own version of the Good Place.

After about a year of being on her own personal Eat, Pray, Love journey in this parallel dimension, Storm returned to the Fyre Festival tent that Forge had now turned into a solar-powered wooden cabin. Forge made sure Storm found her way back to him and the cabin too. A patient king.


It was a one of a kind love shack built to last. There was a chimney which means there was a high possibility there was a nice size fur rug in front of a fireplace. Comfort and style courtesy of Forge, the one mutant you’d want to be stranded on a deserted island or Earth with. Plus things don’t get anymore secluded than a cabin in the woods on an Earth with only two human inhabitants.


Had Storm and Forge decided to stay much longer, there would have been plenty of time and opportunity for Forge to assist Storm with aligning her Chakras. While she did finally tap back into her powers so they could escape that dimension, she could of very well made it rain with a little more time spent in the sex cabin that never got its full use.

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