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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Sweet Boy Chip from Jennifer's Body

By Carly Lane
Chip Jennifer's Body

Anniversaries come and go — heck, every time you turn around there's another well-loved cinematic classic celebrating its birthday — but none may be as special to us at SYFY WIRE FANGRRLS like Jennifer's Body. The Diablo Cody-Karyn Kusama-Megan Fox trifecta of brilliance came into our lives before we were fully ready to give it the love and appreciation it clearly deserved. Luckily, 10 years later, it seems the world has finally come around on this little feminist horror movie that could.

There are plenty of memorable characters to talk about, from Jennifer Check, popular cheerleader who had the misfortune of being sacrificed to Satan by a B-tier indie band, to Needy Lesnicki, Jennifer's best friend and devotee even throughout the toxic ups and downs of their relationship, to Nikolai, lead singer of said indie band and lover of guyliner before guyliner was a Thing.

But today, we're shining a spotlight on Needy's boyfriend Chip Dove, the precious cinnamon roll who was semi-loyal until his very last breath. 

Chip is the kind of guy who will tell you that your low-rise jeans show off your front butt, but he will also make sure to pick up those extra swirly condoms that are ribbed for your pleasure. And sure, he'll share a few smooches with your succu-bestie on prom night, too, but nobody's perfect — and besides, he'll make up for all of that by stabbing her in the torso with a pool skimmer before professing his love for you and dying in your arms. 

RIP in pieces, Chip, you sweet summer child, you sweet prince, go gently into that good night. You never stood a chance in this world, but while you were in it, you gave your lady some tender lovin' and really set the bar at a new high for horror boyfriends everywhere.