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Chosen One of the Day: Ten’s epic frown on Doctor Who

By Preeti Chhibber
David Tennant Hates TARDIS 4

Waaaaay back in 2013, there was a Doctor Who special in which we got both our favorite manic pixie regenerations of the staple character in ONE EPISODE. Ten and Eleven were together at last, and it was not a good for time for either of them, but it was a great time for us. In “The Day of the Doctor” there is all sorts of shenanigans, desperate times, desperate measures etc, but there is also unbridled hilarity stemming directly from David Tennant’s reaction at seeing what Matt Smith’s Doctor has done to his poor baby TARDIS. 

David Tennant Doctor Who TARDIS

In Tennant’s reign as the Doctor, the TARDIS was kind of organic looking in its metal, with roots popping up from the floor, a rusty brown look to everything and those wire-mesh floors you remember from picnic table tops at the park. It was his home. With one of the Matt Smith interiors, it’s far less chaotic — he’s got order and metal and round, with screens and doohickeys abound, and blue LED lights everywhere.

Matt Smith Doctor Who TARDIS interior

And you know what? Ten hates it

David Tennant Hates TARDIS 1 v2

Like, hates

David Tennant Hates TARDIS 2 v2

And he is not afraid to show us how much he hates it.

David Tennant Hates TARDIS 3 v2
David Tennant Hates TARDIS 5
David Tennant Hates TARDIS 4
David Tennant Hates TARDIS 6

The sheer beauty of David Tennant’s face as it ranges from disbelief to disgust to horror to anger — this is what authors mean when they write, “A series of emotions flashed across his face” only all those emotions are “I f***ing hate this so much I’m going to murder someone if I did that sort of thing.” 

I imagine that if the Doctor landed in 2020 this is what they’d look like, or maybe that’s because that’s what my face looks like all the time now. So cheers, Doctor Who and David Tennant, for this prescient example of the exact feeling we need in the world right now.