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Chosen One of the Day: That time Marlena got possessed on Days of Our Lives

By Courtney Enlow

Soap operas, for the uninitiated, are frankly some of the most underappreciated works in entertainment. Boasting longer seasons than other television shows with faster turnaround times and way less prep time for the actors and crew, in addition to huge emotional and tonal shifts, the work done on these programs deserves far more lauding than it receives.

They are also, do not mistake me, bananapants bonkers. At times tremendously, wondrously, gloriously so. But the biggest, most ultimate Soapdish-only-wishes arc of the '90s was obviously that time on Days of Our Lives when Marlena Evans got possessed by the devil and had to be exorcised by her conveniently-maybe-a-priest on-again-off-again love John Black after being drugged by the villainous Stefano so that she can desecrate churches and become his lady of the night. I think. Look, I was 10 and things are blurry and the internet is strangely unhelpful I think because Wiki-ing '90s soap opera storylines literally makes me feel drunk but basically... yeah.

Executive producer Ken Corday told EW essentially "no ragrets," but he does have some...issues. "It was supposed to last three months, starting somewhere around Halloween and ending with a Christmas miracle. And he dragged it into Easter, and he ended it literally with John Black just standing over her saying one Our Father, and that story was over."

Amen indeed. Hallelujah. 

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