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Chosen One of the Day: That time on How I Met Your Mother when Robin turned into a balloon

By Courtney Enlow

Allow me to preface this: How I Met Your Mother is one of my very favorite shows. I loved it dearly with my whole heart. And allow me to double-preface this: How I Met Your Mother is not a genre television show. Yet one moment fully embraced the show's dips into the fantastical more than any other. And that is the time Robin Scherbatsky turned into a balloon.

Like, literally. She turned into a balloon and floated away.

Missing media item.

This is of course meant to be a metaphor for Ted Mosby finally letting go of Robin. Letting her go into the actual sky and possibly an airplane engine, but sure, whatever it takes.


Yeah she just kind of keeps going. 


And going. Going all the way off the show forev — oh, wait, jk, she's back the next episode because, you know, she's one of the main characters.

Even the metaphor itself floats into nothingness because — spoiler alert — Ted doesn't let go of sh*t. (But my feelings regarding the ending of How I Met Your Mother is a whole other story I have spent far too much time discussing and need to let go of like a Maria Hill-shaped balloon.)

I'll never let go of my love of this show though. Even if it popped my joy balloon with that finale.

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