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SYFY WIRE I Know What You Did Last Summer

Chosen One of the Day: The killer from I Know What You Did Last Summer, master stylist

By Courtney Enlow

I Know What You Did Last Summer was a '90s horror smash and while it hasn't had the cultural impact of say a Scream, it certainly gave us a lot to remember. Like creepy incel Johnny Galecki, like a deeply angsty Ryan Phillippe, like Jennifer Love Hewitt screaming in a circle while baring a midriff, and most importantly, like the true horror of RAINCOATS. AH! I SCARED MYSELF. The moisture just rolls off the fabric! TOO SCARY. 

Really though, the evasive killer of the film is not just a very scary raincoat wearing fisher person, he is also an excellent stylist who knows when a lady needs to mix up her look.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Helen is a beauty queen with long, long locks that are definitely not a wig, not at all, totally realistic human head hair growing out of her actual follicles. Like Jo March, Helen sees her hair as her one beauty. So when the killer sneaks into her room in the night and shears it off like a monster, she is HORRIFIED. Like, punch a mirror horrified. Because LOOK AT THIS DISGUSTING CREATURE.


Honestly, it's a serious improvement and I AM NOT DEFENDING A MURDERER OR ANYTHING but if he'd simply channeled his rage into his coiffurial art, maybe everyone would have lived.