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Chosen One of the Day: The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special trailer

By Preeti Chhibber
Star Wars LEGO Holiday

Since it’s our third Tuesday in a row, let’s relish in the absurdity of the trailer for Disney+’s forthcoming LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. When the movie was initially announced, with some truly excellent imagery, some of us thought it would be a LEGO remake of the perfection (I use the word loosely) of the original Star Wars Holiday Special, but this morning a trailer dropped shattering those illusions, and in their stead giving us something so, so much better. 

Oh my god, this trailer. LEGO’s always had a traditionally irreverent poking-fun-with-love thing going with its Star Wars movies, but this was just beautiful. 

It’s got everything (well, almost, I didn't see a single appearance of Bea Arthur, but maybe that will be fixed in post) — there's Yoda reciting poetry, great puns, something I highly suspect is baked porg, and tropes from every Time Travel AU fic you never knew you needed. 

In it, Rey gets thrown through time to various points of the Star Wars universe, and she helpfully supplies, “We see my master, my master’s master, my master’s father, my master’s father’s master.” 

And then: 

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special 1

The best homage to The Last Jedi I could have hoped for. Nothing gets the blood going like a shirtless Kylo Ren in high waisted pants. Or something. 


LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special 2

And guess what, he’s just as cute as he is in real life… er, “real life.” 

All I know is that on November 17th, I’ll be watching this movie on repeat and hopefully living my life like Luke Skywalker blissfully unmarred by experience, slurpin’ his blue milk carton. 

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special 3