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SYFY WIRE Final Fantasy VII

Chosen One of the Day: The Sephiroth chorus in Final Fantasy VII

By Preeti Chhibber
sephiroth Final Vantasy VII Remake hero

Don’t lie to me — you’ve thought about it. We’ve all thought about it. We’ve all wished for a desperately intense orchestra arrangement to play every time we appear, with a demonic and beautiful chorus of voices crying out our name in staccato beats. 

No? Just me? 

Final Fantasy VII’s soundtrack is already great, but the track “One Winged Angel” that plays for Sephiroth? In a word? 


Around 1 minute and 18 seconds, we finally hear the choir sing it: Seph-i-roth! Seph-i-roth! 

Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

It’s the ideal accompaniment for a giant, handsome, terrifying JENOVA experiment. In the minute span of time it takes for his name to hammer into your head, he’ll have had ample seconds to slice you to ribbons. The song is just there to remind you who did it if you forget. It was Seph-i-roth! Seph-i-roth! 

One-Winged Angel - Rebirth - Final Fantasy VII Remake [HQ]

Like everything else for Final Fantasy VII Remake released this year, they remade our wayward antagonist’s song, and I am pleased to report it still as the kids say, bangs. Both the original and the remake are written by the same composer, Nobuo Uematsu, who I believe has a very deep understanding of the Goth-Aesthete. The Remake version is aptly titled “One-Winged-Angel-Rebirth” and it’s about three minutes longer than the original which leaves way more time for horror-horns and suspenseful trills so you know Sephiroth’s about to Seph-i-roth you up. 

Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII Remake

Truly, whether he’s a mass of polygons or a hyper-realistic anime-man-come-to-life, Sephiroth knows what it takes to make an entrance and we appreciate that. 

Someone hire me a demonic choir so I can have this level of energy coming into 2021. 

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