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SYFY WIRE Supernatural

Chosen One of the Day: Vintage Jensen Ackles

By Courtney Enlow

Today is the birthday of one Mr. Jensen Ackles. We have been blessed with his presence in our world for 40 years, which is confusing because Supernatural has been on the air for at least 36. But before he was Dean Winchester, he was...something else: he was a model. Specifically, he was a model in the '90s. And what "young male model in the '90s" means is...hoo boy. 

Jensen. We love you so much. We are so sorry. Everyone else, you are SO welcome.

Here's our boy just chilling with a horse friend while wearing a tank top and a choker because the '90s. 

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But then it got hot I guess. At least torso-wise. His head still needed some warmth.


Don't worry, though, our boy isn't all serious and smolder.


That face and his very specific armpit hair will stay with me for a very long time.

Of course, Jensen wasn't just a model. He was also starring on Days of Our Lives at this point. Like most teen soap stars, Jensen acquired bangs that could be used as a makeshift curtain to hide from predators and screaming fans.


And with great soap opera power came great responsibility for Jensen and his fellow cast members.

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The responsibilities largely involved being wet and shirtless.


Happy birthday, Jensen. Here's to 40 more years. And we'll take most of them shirtless with a horse, please and thank you.