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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Wanda Maximoff and Vision, our sole source of joy in this world

By Courtney Enlow

You know, 2020 has been 2020ing all over us all year and it is A LOT. But one thing and one thing only is giving us a hearty push toward the finish line and that is the upcoming WandaVision. Because THIS TRAILER, Y'ALL.

Like. Where do I even begin, but this time in a good way. Vision wearing human man cosplay like some kind of Vision Adultman! Wanda going full Bewitched! Kitty Forman! Maison du Mepris, emphasis on the M! Monica freakin' Rambeau! KATHRYN FREAKIN' HAHN! It looks bizarre and dark and weird and funny and I'm just so happy to have something to be excited for, people. 

I am utterly thrilled to have my good red boy and favorite witch back in our lives and if 2020 can just be effing cool for like two more months we can have something nice for once. 

Everyone just sit still, don't move, don't breathe on anyone, and maybe just maybe we'll get through till December.