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Sneak peek: Christopher Priest bites into Dynamite's Vampirella #1 for her 50th anniversary

By Jeff Spry
Vampirella 1 Hero

The beautiful alien bloodsucker from the planet Drakulon turns 50 this year, and she's never looked better as Dynamite Comics celebrates Vampirella's horror legacy in a number of miniseries, one-shots, and crossovers.

Vampi was created by Forrest J. Ackerman and artist Trina Robbins, who unleashed the vampiric vixen upon the world with her 1969 debut inside Warren Publishing's iconic horror magazine, Vampirella #1. Dynamite's latest Vampirella offering is written by the Eisner Award-nominated Christopher Priest (DeadpoolBlack Panther) and decorated with stylish art from illustrator Ergun Gunduz — and SYFY WIRE has a sinister sneak peek at the debut issue and prescient insights from Priest himself.

Vampirella Cover 2

According to the famed writer, Vampirella's 50th anniversary kicks off his "Seduction of the Innocent" story arc, the centerpiece of which is a terrible airline crash that effectively derails the life and community Vampirella has built for herself in Los Angeles.

"The story begins in media res with the aftermath of the crash juxtaposed with Vampirella's examination by Doc Chary (pronounced Daktari), an NTSB-certified trauma therapist," Priest tells SYFY WIRE. "Chary is assigned to counsel Ella Normandy, the plane crash's apparent lone survivor. Through her exchanges with Doc Chary, Vampirella tells the story of her finally having found community and purpose here on her adopted home world, only to discover her new life had been engineered by a cadre of her greatest enemies for the specific purpose of ultimately tearing it all away."

Vampirella Slice 2

Priest goes on to reveal that Vampirella will encounter an all-star team of baddies who have been reimagined from her classic rogues gallery, and who destroy the community that Vampirella, a lonely refugee from a dark world, had finally found for herself.

"But never count a determined girl out," he adds. "The third act of 'Seduction' finds Vampirella, publicly outed as 'Ella Normandy' and thrust into a highly politicized media spotlight, on a bloodied path of revenge against her greatest foes as she determines to get her life back or die trying."

Missing media item.

Take a peek at our blood-stirring preview of Dynamite Comics' Vampirella #1, which arrives July 17.