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All the sneaky Easter eggs you missed in Chucky Episode 2, 'Give Me Something Good to Eat'

By Caitlin Busch
Chucky 102 Still

Halloween isn’t usually the holiday folks associate with Easter eggs, but when you’re talking a Chucky Halloween, there are plenty to go ‘round. In Episode 2 of SYFY & USA’s Chucky, it’s All Hallows Eve, and the series’ teen stars find themselves at a particularly disturbing Halloween party. Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) pulls her cruelest prank yet on Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Chucky might have managed to get into Jake’s head… 

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For all the gritty details, check out SYFY’s recap here. Otherwise, take a look at the biggest Easter eggs in Chucky Episode 2, “Give Me Something Good to Eat.”


At this point, it feels safe to say that each episode of Chucky will give us more and more insight into Charles Lee Ray’s backstory. The future serial killer is shown at the top of Chucky Episode 2 finding a razor blade in a shiny green apple one Halloween. Rather than, y’know, telling his mom or even throwing the apple away, he takes a huge bite and revels in the pain. 

Not concerning for the development of a child. At all.


Just as Jake seems to be expecting Chucky to mock him for having a crush on Devon Evans (Bjorgvin Arnarson), Chucky takes him by surprise by revealing that he has a child of his own, and that child is queer. This is, of course, a reference to Chucky and Tiffany Valentine’s (Jennifer Tilly) child, who’s the embodiment of twin consciousnesses Glen and Glenda and identifies as gender fluid. 

Glen/Glenda was first introduced in Seed of Chucky (2004), and when asked at the Chucky panel at New York Comic Con 2021 whether or not the character would be making an appearance in the series, series creator Don Mancini’s only answer was a cheeky “keep watching.”

Jake Chooses Violence



The final shot of Jake in this episode is a callback to a Child’s Play series mainstay. A character’s reflection getting caught in the mirror surface of a knife blade is a familiar sight for fans, and it’s always a promise of violence to come. 

Will Jake choose violence? Or will this little devil on his shoulder fail in his mission of chaos?