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'Someone took the butcher knife': Watch Chucky’s first appearance in his new SYFY & USA series

"Someone Took the Butcher Knife": Watch Chucky's First Appearance in His New SYFY & USA Series

You might want to be careful next time you check out your neighbor’s yard sale. Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur) learns that the hard way in an opening scene from SYFY & USA Network’s new Chucky series, premiering on Oct. 12. 

How to Watch

Watch Chucky on SYFY. Stream from the beginning on Peacock.

When Jake, a teen kid with a penchant for dolls and “retro” — not vintage — knick-knacks, happens upon a Good Guy doll he purchases for $10 one fall day, he definitely has no clue what’s in store for him. This small, seemingly beatific town doesn’t either. Because inside this iconic blue-eyed doll is the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, aka Chucky. He’s been slashing throats and taking names since he made his first appearance in Don Mancini’s 1988 classic, Child’s Play, and he does not play around, especially when he promises to be your friend ‘til the end.

Armed with a conveniently disappearing butcher knife, there’s no telling what kind of bloody mischief this foul-mouthed little heathen will get up to. We know how you can find out, though: Watch Chucky when it premieres on SYFY & USA on Tues., Oct. 12 at 10/9c.