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Go behind the scenes of CBS's Silence of the Lambs spinoff in exclusive clip from horror hit 'Clarice'

By Tara Bennett
Rebecca Breeds in Clarice

Fans of Thomas Harris' The Silence of the Lambs book and Jonathan Demme's Academy Award winning movie adaptation got the treat of a sequel with the CBS series Clarice, which aired earlier this year. Following the career and personal life of FBI Agent Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds) in her first assignments after the infamous Buffalo Bill serial killer case, the series charts the lows, and some highs, of the rookie agent trying to deal with her PTSD, misogyny in the workplace, and sometimes even her own self-sabotaging choices. 

If you missed Clarice Season 1, it hits DVD on Oct. 5 from CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment. The four-disc set includes exclusive deleted scenes, a gag reel, and behind-the-scenes featurettes. 

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look at one of the featurettes, "Progress In Portrayals," which collects the producers, cast, writers, and consultants in a revealing conversation about the creation of the series. In particular, the clip focuses on the difficulties experienced by minorities in the FBI as told through the story of Clarice’s best friend, Ardelia (Devyn A. Tyler):

Exclusive Clarice Season 1 Featurette, Progress In Portrayals

In the late spring, there was talk of a Clarice Season 2 moving to Paramount+, but negotiations didn't work out, and the show reportedly remains in limbo. However, there has been no formal cancellation of the series. Perhaps it will go the way of some recent broadcast shows, like Manifest or Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, where once the series moves to home video or streaming, viewership and numbers can merit a second look by new platforms.

We'll keep you updated if the status of the series changes, but in the meantime, enjoy a look back into how Season 1 came together.