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'Code 404' introduces its goofball RoboCop in exclusive clip from new Peacock series

By Jacob Oller
Code 404

RoboCop definitely needed the Hot Fuzz treatment. Now, thanks to Code 404 — a Sky show on its way to NBCUniversal streamer Peacock — it's got it. Created and written by Tom Miller, Sam Myer, and Daniel Peak, Code 404 is a British near-future buddy comedy about a glitchy robocop, DI John Major (Daniel Mays), brought back to life and still on the crime-solving beat with his partner DI Roy Carver (Stephen Graham).

But what exactly does all that semi-robotic police officer business entail?

In SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip, fans get it broken down with loose math and lots of laughs. In a classic over-the-top bit of British cop drama satire, fans will see Major go from simply flesh-and-blood to having at least some parts of him replaced by awesome super-science.

Take a look:

AI in the brain, cloned organs? Ok, so he's definitely mostly human still, at least according to Dr. Alison Parfit (Amanda Payton).

So, probably not enough to warrant the RoboCop 50-50 split in the title. 90 percent human, 10 percent organic matter is still pretty human. And, as someone that was just brought back to life, he'll have a few more responsibilities than simply getting revenge on the baddies who shot him dead in the first place.

Fingers crossed the six-episode comedy dives into his relationship with his family as well. If not, Sky has already renewed the show for a second season. Code 404 hits Peacock on Oct. 8.