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Comics: Sharkey the Bounty Hunter trailer; Fraction takes on Jimmy Olsen; Stranger Things' new subjects

By Jacob Oller
Sharkey the Bounty Hunter screengrab

Today’s comics roundup has a few things from Netflix (which is already weird), and some more familiar territory featuring some classic characters.

But first, let’s look at the company nobody expected to shake up the world of comics. Netflix’s deal with Mark Millar continues to prosper as Sharkey the Bounty Hunter follows in the footsteps of The Magic Order and Prodigy. The book, from Millar and artist Simone Bianchi, is dusty, dirty sci-fi — and it has a new motion trailer out today.

Check it out:

With some old-school, Adult Swim-sounding music and an aesthetic ripped from Firefly and the run-down cantinas of Star Wars, Sharkey has far more to offer than just a killer mustache. Blood, aliens, and all the sin one can find in the life of interstellar freelancing seem to be stuffed in this story about a bounty hunter and his 10-year-old ward.

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter is out today.

Next, another comic inspired by Netflix. Stranger Things has become a multimedia sensation over its two seasons, helped along by the iconic character Eleven. Now, with the second season introducing Eight (another superpowered test subject kid), there are many more to go — which is exactly where a new Dark Horse comic is focusing.

According to EW, Six, aka Francine, will be getting a prequel comic. Written by Jody Houser, with art from Edgar Salazar, the four-issue miniseries will focus on the universe’s first precog. Francine was exploited by her parents and by those who created Eleven at the Hawkins Laboratory. How many more X-Men can the series introduce before opening up a Mansion of its own?

Check out the covers:

The first issue of Stranger Things: Six hits stores on May 29.

Now let’s get back to terra firma. Superman. Or, at least, Superman’s friends. Yes, there’re new series coming for both Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane — and from some pretty exciting folks.

Writer Matt Fraction (Hawkeye) and artist Steve Lieber are tackling Jimmy Olsen while writer Greg Rucka and artist Mike Perkins will handle Lois Lane when both hit in June after comic bigwig Brian Michael Bendis upends everything Superman with Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1.

Bendis and artist Alex Maleev will be focusing their series on the Leviathan criminal organization, the ramifications of which will give Lane and Olsen opportunity to shine in ongoing series.

Superman: Leviathan Rising Special #1 hits stores May 29.

Finally, more news from Bendis. According to the writer’s Reddit AMA, the imprint he curates for DC — Wonder Comics — will have at least two confirmed titles for its second wave of comic offerings.

"Issue six wraps the first Naomi run," Bendis posted. "We're going to do it Hellboy style because [artist Jamal Campbell] needs to take a break! David [Walker] and I will be building the next part, but by issue four of this series you will see EXACTLY how different. Naomi 2 joins Amethyst as a previously announced Wonder Comics Season 2 book!" Amethyst has already been making waves in Young Justice, but will have her own standalone book soon.

Naomi 2 is on sale today.