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SYFY WIRE Black Panther

ComiXology Releases over 200 issues of Black Panther comics for free

By Donnie Lederer

As the world honors the life and legacy of Chadwick Boseman, who died last Friday at the age of 43ComiXology is paying tribute to the actor by releasing over 200 issues of Black Panther comic books for free on their site.

With a career that dates to 1966, The Black Panther has a storied history as one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. If you are looking to complete your digital collection or are looking to get started with your Black Panther journey, this is the time to do so at no cost to you. We highlighted some of the must-reads from this massive promotion.

Black Panther 2016

Black Panther (2016-2020)

In 2016, Ta-Nehisi Coates took over the reins of the Black Panther and created two groundbreaking series. In “A Nation Under Our Feet," T’Challa must figure out how Wakanda can unite as one, as many different factions are aiming to take control of governing the nation. “The Intergalactic Nation of Wakanda” takes T’Challa to the far reaches of space in a story that would usually be suited for the Guardians of the Galaxy. This entire run is a must-read.

Black Panther 1977

Black Panther (1977-1979)

The first Black Panther comic came out in the '70s, and it was written and drawn by his co-creator, the one and only Jack Kirby. Fans get not only some tremendous Black Panther stories but also Jack Kirby doing what he does best. If you’re going to start somewhere, this is a great place.

Black Panther 2008

 Black Panther (2008-2010)

This run by Reginald Hudlin follows Shuri as she takes over the mantle of the Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda. This series will give fans insight as to why Shuri has become one of the breakout characters in the Marvel Universe.

That’s only a small taste of what is available during this promotion. You can access it by clicking here.