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Boot up the first trailer for Lord & Miller's robot apocalypse comedy 'Connected'

By Josh Weiss

Nothing brings you closer to your parents and siblings than a good ol' robot rebellion. 

Last week, Sony debuted some first look photos for Connected, a wacky animated comedy about a family road trip that turns into a battle for survival during a sudden machine uprising. This morning, the studio dropped the first heartfelt trailer for the film, which hails from Lego Movie and Into the Spider-Verse alums, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Co-helmed by Mike Rianda (Gravity Falls) in his directorial debut, Connected is about a father, Rick Mitchell (Danny McBride), looking to reconnect with his teenage daughter, Katie (Abbi Jacobson), just as she's about to leave home for college. Canceling Katie's plane ticket, Rick decides to drive her to college along with his wife, Linda (Maya Rudolph); son Aaron (Rianda); and the family's strange-looking pug, Monchi. 

During the cross-country adventure, the "Helper Bots" from PAL (a tech company fronted by Eric Andre's Mark Bowman) go rogue, forcing the Mitchells to work together in order to thwart the end of the world from everyday gadgets and appliances. Naturally, this unseen development forces Rick, Katie, Kinda, and Aaron to overcome their differences and bond like never before.

Watch the trailer now:

First announced in the spring of 2018, the movie was originally titled The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Rianda co-wrote the project's screenplay with his co-director Jeff Rowe, who is known for penning episodes of Gravity Falls and Disenchantment.

Oscar-winner Olivia Colman (The Crown) is said to be voicing "PAL," which means we're probably in for a HAL 9000 and/or VIKI-type hive mind antagonist during the story's climax.

Kurt Albrecht, Will Allegra, and Louis Koo are producing alongside Lord and Miller.

Connected plugs into theaters everywhere Friday, Sep. 18.