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Cospets: This cat cosplays a purr-fect pirate


Harlock might have been named after an anime space captain, but this kitty is about to transform into a different kind of cat-ptain.

Chrissy Salazar, a cosplayer herself, knew exactly what to name this particularly fluffy ball of fur (with his very own built-in eyepatch) when she rescued him, as she told SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore. Harlock: Space Pirate is the anime she got the name from. She's also into other space captains, like Han Solo and, of course, Captain Tight Pants.

Even though Harlock is deaf and has no teeth, he still has quite the adventurous personality and had to be picked up when he wandered off more than once! He's also a polydactyl. Meaning he has extra toes that come with extra toe beans, which just add to the cute factor that much more. He's both regal and roguish at the same time.

Our costume designer Katheryn Renfroe wanted to appeal to Harlock's roguish side, so she decided to take him from space captain to pirate captain. If you remember the Halloween episode of Garfield where the lazy tabby got excited to dress up as a pirate and go demanding candy at random people's doors, this is kind of like that, only better.

To turn Harlock into a rebel prince-gone-pirate, Katheryn decided to give him the quintessential pirate tricorn hat with a huge feather, plus a tasseled jacket with his very own insignia on the back — a feline Jolly Roger with extra toes on the paws. The distressing done to the costume was meant to reflect all the wild adventures he'd been on. He didn't need another eyepatch.

Is the fluffy fiend ready to sail the high seas, strike fear into every salty dog, and challenge Jack Sparrow to find out where all the rum's gone? You've got to watch the video to find out!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.