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SYFY WIRE Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo makes sizzly bacon out of pig supersoldiers in Bullets of Justice teaser

By Benjamin Bullard
Bullets of Justice Danny Trejo via YouTube 2019

A crowdfunded TV series with one squeal-worthy concept of a horror plot has apparently been fed enough corn to mature into a full-fledged movie featuring Danny Trejo as a guy who helps make bacon out of — wait for it — pig supersoldiers.

The story setup is the kind of modern-day B-movie horror goodness you can’t just buy off the shelf, and we promise we aren’t making any of it up. There’s a third world war on, and a secret U.S. military scheme dubbed project “Army Bacon” (still not making it up!) has the Stars and Stripes’ mad scientists crossbreeding human beings with their porcine barnyard friends. What emerges is a literal new breed of soldier: one with floppy ears, a snout, and — though the teaser doesn’t show it — maybe even a squiggly, evil little tail.

Check out the teaser below for a glimpse at Bullets’ sinister pig-people, who wear military uniforms and go about on two legs:

Overlord it may not be, but the teaser definitely sets off the same creature-sensitive place on our radar that alerts us to Things That Should Not Be.

Trejo appears as Grave-digger, a name we hope pulls double duty as his occupation. His character appears to come into the picture once the new breed of pigmen — referred to as “Muzzles” — has ascended above humans in the social pecking order, and a last-gasp resistance is humanity’s best hope for stopping them from raising (and eating) humans like livestock.

The film started life as a TV series, but a crowdfunded effort propelled the 2017 pilot episode into a porkier project aimed at the big screen. Directed by low-budget horror and music video maker Valeri Milev, Bullets of Justice stars Timur Turisbekov as resistance leader Rob Justice.

There’s no word on when the movie’s heading to theaters, so we’ll just have to remain patient: Bullets of Justice will serve no swine before its time.