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Dark Horse Comics welcomes you back to the jungle with new Predator Hunters III

By Jeff Spry
Predator Hero

Those planet-hopping alien gladiators commonly known as Predators are making another encore appearance thanks to Dark Horse Comics in a savage new series next year named Predator Hunters III — and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive preview of the debut issue invading Earth on Feb. 5, 2020.

This punishing project links back to the very first run of acclaimed Predator comic books Oregon-based Dark Horse premiered way back in 1987, and promises to maintain the high standard of mayhem the title is notorious for.

Predator 1

Written by Chris Warner (Predator Hunters, Barb Wire) and injected with explosive art via Brian Thies (Predator: Life and Death, Star Wars: Legacy) colored by Wes Dzoiba (MST 3000: The Comic, Aliens vs. Predator: Three World War), this four-part miniseries heads back to the steaming green jungles to craft the next dangerous chapter in the Predator legacy.

The extraterrestrial insanity kicks off with ex-drug runner Raphael Herrera reliving his worst nightmare. After that horrifying night when his men were slaughtered by an unearthly monster, Herrera joined up with the Predator Hunters crew. Now, years later, cartel soldiers are being murdered in the thick jungles of Central America, indicating to Herrera that the dreaded Predators have returned!

"Predator Hunters III was a bit of special fun for me, getting to loop back a bit to the first Predator comics Dark Horse published," Warner tells SYFY WIRE. "I was an artist on that original series, and I’d always wanted to play in that sandbox again. And I was able to go about it while still getting to hang out with the team of Predator hunters I created for the first two Hunters series. Career-wise, I've come full circle, which means I get a set of steak knives, I think.”

Predator 2

“Bringing together characters (or their descendants) from Dark Horse's many standalone Predator series is something I’d been wanting to do for a long time, and I think Chris Warner’s handling of the union has been great," adds series editor Randy Stradley. "However, with Predator Hunters III, Chris went back to the beginnings of our Predator cycle and brought in a couple characters who haven’t been seen in thirty years or more. Longtime readers will be pleased, but even new readers will appreciate how these returning characters expand the Predator universe.”

Featuring a brutal main cover illustrated by Brian Thies and a wicked variant by Andy Brase, Dark Horse Comics' Predator Hunters III #1 strikes comic shops and online vendors on Feb. 5, 2020.