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Rutger Hauer: Ridley Scott and Daryl Hannah remember ‘electric, mesmerizing’ Blade Runner star

By Josh Weiss
Daryl Hannah Rutger Hauer Blade Runner

Yesterday, it was confirmed that celebrated character actor, Rutger Hauer, had passed away at the age of 75. While his prolific career was multi-faceted, Hauer has always been associated with Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982), where he played Roy Batty, the leader of a band of rogue Replicants. Just before he perishes after a battle with android-hunting cop Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford), Roy recites his famous "Tears in the rain monologue," which really cements the film as a philosophical and existential sci-fi classic of monolithic proportions.

With Hauer (also known for his roles in The Hitcher, Ladyhawke, and Batman Begins) sadly no longer with us, we asked his fellow Blade Runner vets to remember the man who just wanted a few more years from Eldon Tyrell.

"Rutger was the gentle giant," Scott said in a statement provided to SYFY WIRE. "I don’t know who was more nervous on that first morning of the first day on set in 1982…I think the film is called Blade Runner. We helped each other through the entire process because it was very challenging. I’ll miss him."

Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner

"I have a profound love and respect for Rutger Hauer," added Daryl Hannah in her own statement. In the movie, Hannah plays Pris, a member of Roy's collection of wayward Replicants. She is the second-to-last robot to die before Batty himself. "I am heartbroken to learn he has left us. He was unpredictable, extremely human, inspired, electric and mesmerizing. It was thrilling to work with him as an actor and I admired his deep commitment as an activist, with his support of the important work of Sea Shepard and of those who fight against the scourge of AIDS. Rutger's mad brand of poetic genius inspired me as a teen in so many films like Soldier of Orange and Spetters. But I will always hear his haunting words from Blade Runner, 'All these moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.'"

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