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SYFY WIRE Daybreak

WIRE Buzz: Daybreak trailer crushes the apocalypse; Amanda Seyfried in new ghost thriller; more

By Benjamin Bullard
Water balloon hits its target in Daybreak from Netflix

Fresh off sharing its premiere episode with New York Comic Con fans, Netflix has just released a new trailer for teens-versus-zombies horror comedy Daybreak, and it’s safe to say that this is one show that’s earned every bit of its buzz for mixing Mad Max with Ferris Bueller.

The decidedly NSFW new trailer shows off more looks at Bueller icon Matthew Broderick — here in a reversed role as the principal of a Glendale, California high school where cliques don’t just sort the kids out along social-status lines — they also give organizational structure to the clan-based war against the zombies (and, inevitably, against each other as well).

Daybreak | Official Trailer | Netflix
SYFY WIRE attended the NYCC screening of Daybreak’s first episode, and we came away looking forward to a series that knows how to pack in tons of clever pop culture nods while juggling high survival-horror stakes, devilishly dirty high-school deeds (seriously, this show lets the kids talk and act in an amped-up version of how they do in real life), and enough soapy teenage drama to put even Riverdale to shame.

What other takeaway is there, when you’re treated to an hour of television that includes “a swearing child with a flamethrower, a jock-turned-ronin, and plenty of mutant animals” — and all that as background window dressing? This is one of those shows that looks and feels seriously big-budgeted, whether by Netflix's standards or any other, and it helps nominate Daybreak for a certain tongue-in-cheek street cred as a standard-bearer in the "party 'cuz the world's ending" apocalypse comedy genre...if that's a thing. 

Starring Broderick alongside Captain Marvel’s Colin Ford as protagonist Josh Wheeler, Krysta Rodriguez, Sophie Simnett, Gregory Kasyan and more, Daybreak dawns at Netflix starting on Oct. 24.

Netflix also is prepping a new feature film based on a critically-adored ghost-thriller novel, and the film has cast a veteran who knows a thing or two about spooky stories in one of the leading roles. 

Little Red Riding Hood’s Amanda Seyfried will join James Norton (Black Mirror, McMafia) in Things Heard and Seen, a small-screen adaptation of All Things Cease to Appear, the 2016 psychological thriller with a ghostly twist by Elizabeth Brundage.

Netflix revealed the rest of the film’s main cast as well, and it carries plenty of star power — including Stranger ThingsNatalia Dyer, Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn, Colony’s Alex Neustaedter, and Oscar winner Winner F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus, the new Lady and the Tramp, Robin Hood). 

Things Heard and Seen will follow a Manhattan couple who moves out to a historic hamlet in New York’s Hudson River Valley, where they “come to discover that their marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals their new home’s history,” according to Netflix. Oscar nominees Robert Pulcini and Shari Springer Berman are set to direct, and principal photography  kicks off this week on location in New York. The movie hasn’t been given a release date yet, so stay tuned. 

Finally, if you’ve got plenty of Galactic credits just burning a hole in your pocket (and you’re tired of burning a hole in the bottom of your cookware with your pitiful Rebel kitchen skills), Le Creuset is here to rescue you in a new official Star Wars partnership that gives Han Solo’s frozen body a place to thaw anytime you feel like makin’ dinner at home.

The upscale purveyor of those distinctively primary-colored cast iron dutch ovens has just taken the wraps off its Star Wars x Le Creuset Collection, a new kitchen line that features a Millennium Falcon trivet ($20), a Porg pie bird ($25), a Darth Vader dutch oven ($395), and the Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster ($450), “the only Le Creuset roaster featuring a lid — and the galaxy’s favorite smuggler.”

The whole collection spans ten off-the shelf Star Wars-themed goodies for your kitchen, but if you’re feeling extra splurge-y, go for broke (literally) and spring for the $900 special-edition, hand-painted Tatooine round dutch oven — a pink-hued piece of cookware that features the sunset gradient of Luke’s home planet, including Tatooine’s “captivating binary sunsets.”

Aunt Beru never knew what she was missing. To check out the full line, visit Le Creuset’s Star Wars cookware page , while we wait for the collection to go on sale starting Nov. 1.