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Did you catch Devon Sawa’s cheeky ‘Idle Hands’ reference in ‘Chucky’ Season 2?

We love the horror Easter eggs, don't we folks?

By Trent Moore
Devon Sawa in Idle Hands

Long before he signed on for SYFY and USA’s Chucky TV series, Devon Sawa was already horror royalty. While almost certainly best known for Final Destination, Sawa also headlined the 1999 stoner Halloween horror classic Idle Hands.

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Sawa actually played two characters in the first season of Chucky, Luke and Logan Wheeler, though they both ended up dead by the time the finale rolled around. But not even death (or two of them) could keep Sawa away from the Chucky franchise for long, and he returns in Season 2 playing an unrelated character, Father Bryce, who runs Incarnate Lord, the Catholic school where the teens from Season 1 are sent after their latest face-off with the killer doll.

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With Sawa back in action, the Chucky franchise is never one to let a good Easter egg go by, which brings us to Episode 2 of Season 2. Not long after Sawa is reintroduced to viewers in his new role, he’s giving an encouraging speech to the student body. His closing piece of advice? “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” He even gives a knowing smile at the camera, just for the 1990’s horror kids in the audience.

The line was almost certainly a reference to the 1999 horror comedy, which starred Sawa as the stoner Anton, who has his hand possessed (Evil Dead 2-style). The rogue hand kills his friends (including Seth Green, but don’t worry, they come back as zombies) and tries to kill his longtime crush, the girl next door Molly (a young Jessica Alba).

Idle Hands was a massive box office flop, and critics absolutely destroyed it. But it found plenty of fans over the years following its home release, and remains a hilarious little time capsule of the era and a surprisingly fun and silly horror story. If you’re looking to check it out for a Halloween rewatch, the film is actually streaming for free on Pluto.

Of course, if you’re looking to keep tabs on modern-day Sawa, you can find him on Chucky every Wednesday with new episodes on SYFY. 

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