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Watch: ’Chucky’ and Devon Sawa have the greatest feud in Hollywood in Season 2 at NYCC

Who's harder to work with - Devon Sawa or Chucky?

By Josh Weiss & Trent Moore
Chucky vs. Devon Sawa: The Biggest Feud in Hollywood

Despite not actually surviving the first season of SYFY and USA’s hit horror series Chucky, co-star Devon Sawa (a horror fan favorite from the Final Destination films) is returning for Season 2 in a brand new role. But he might not last long if Chucky has anything to say about it.

SYFY and USA debuted a behind-the-scenes clip at New York Comic Con (NYCC) this week, taking a deep dive into the ongoing feud between Sawa and his killer doll co-star on the television adaptation of the long-running horror franchise.

“I just get attached to people very easily. And if we have a good working relationship and then that turns into a personal relationship, it's like, ‘Ok, you're gonna stay. You're a keeper,’” series creator Don Mancini said of Sawa’s return. “We were all just like, 'He's pretty cool, maybe he's a keeper. We should bring him back.’”

It turns out the hate runs deep, and runs both ways, between Sawa and Chucky. They’ve been sparring on Twitter for months, to the point where Sawa apparently had to block the killer doll’s social media presence (it seems those little plastic fingers can bend well enough to rip off a mean tweet now and then). They haven’t killed one another (yet) but the pranks run deep, and Chucky seems to be a big fan of sabotaging the teleprompter whenever Sawa is in the chair.

Which, Sawa has a few fair points when it comes to the beef. Chucky gets a whopping six assistants on set, while Sawa has to get his own coffee like a chump. So where does the rest of the cast and crew land? You’d think Sawa would have a little support, but nope, it seems everyone in front of and behind the camera on the SYFY series fall on the side of Team Chucky when push comes to shove. Which makes sense, it is his name at the top of the call sheet (though it hasn’t stopped Sawa from pitching a rebrand).

As for any advice, the Chucky team recommends Sawa make an effort to suck up to Chucky. It seems that’s the best way to stay alive behind the scenes, and Alex Vincent noted he’s managed to survive for decades — while Sawa couldn’t survive one season playing two characters last year.

New episodes of Chucky air Wednesdays on SYFY and USA.