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SYFY WIRE Mike Myers

Dr. Evil does some good in 'Austin Powers' reunion for GM's star-studded Super Bowl ad

Dr. Evil needs to save the world before he can take it over.

By James Grebey
Doctor Evil Super Bowl Commercial

Poor Doctor Evil. The supervillain is eternally behind the times. In the year 2022, sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads aren’t as scary as climate change. Perhaps that’s why he’s changing his M.O., albeit begrudgingly, in a new Super Bowl ad that brings back the classic Austin Powers villain and several of his henchmen. 

The Super Bowl spot, an ad for General Motors promoting their plan to create all-electric cars by 2025, is titled “Dr. EV-il.” (Get it? “EV,” as in “Electric Vehicle.“) Released ahead of the Big Game, the ad brings back Mike Myers to play the baddie for the first time since Austin Powers in Goldmember, which came out in 2002, two decades ago. He’s joined by Rob Lowe as his right-hand man Number 2 (Lowe previously played a younger version of Number 2 in Goldmember, as Robert Wagner was the character’s main actor), Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissina, and Seth Green as Scott Evil. 

The ad, which you can watch below, reveals that Dr. Evil has taken over General Motors. However, because he’s no longer the greatest threat to the world — climate change has that dubious honor — Dr. Evil’s team pushes him into attempting to do some good so he can save the world… and then take it over. 

Check out the ad below:

It’s a fun ad, as far as these star-studded Super Bowl revivals go. There are some Easter eggs, including a shark with a frickin’ laser beam. Myers doesn’t miss a beat returning to the character, and Scott Evil demonstrates some real character growth. He has a son now, named “Baby-Me” by Dr. Evil. (Verne Troyer, who played Dr. Evil’s diminutive clone Mini-Me in the second two Austin Powers movies, passed away in 2018.)

The Super Bowl, featuring the Los Angeles Rams vs. the Cincinnati Bengals, kicks off at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday on NBC and Peacock. Chances are there will be some other retro revivals before the clock hits zero.