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'Doctor Who: Flux' full trailer tees up Jodie Whittaker's final journey as the Doctor with one epic adventure

By Justin Carter
Doctor Who Season 13 Trailer Screenshot

Since 2017, Jodie Whittaker's been time traveling and acquiring companions as the Thirteenth Doctor in BBC's long-running sci-fi series. That journey will soon be coming to an end with Doctor Who: Flux, and the newest trailer sets the stage for a new run of time traveling madness that fans have come to know and love.

With her companions Yasamin (Mandip Gill) and newcomer Dan (John Lewis), plus a recurring appearance from fellow newcomer Vinder (Game of Thrones' Jacob Anderson), the Doctor's final (for her) outing looks to be one of the most bombastic seasons yet in her current run. 

Primarily, the trailer is concerned with hyping up this being both Whittaker's final turn as the Doctor, and also the new structure of the thirteenth season. The big claim for Flux is that its entire six episode run will be a continuous story. It's the first time since 1986's "Trial of a Time Lord" that this has happened, and the trailer makes sure to emphasize how big of a deal this truly is.

Exactly what that story will be will simply have to wait another two weeks — even the characters are simply reacting to things happening and vaguely saying "the final fight has begun."

Check out the trailer below:

Because of the pandemic, all episodes are written by current showrunner Chris Chibnall, with one co-written by Maxine Alderton. Director-wise, episodes are split evenly, with half going to Jamie Stone (director of multiple Season 12 episodes) and the other half to Azhur Saleem. Having the same staff was paramount due to the pandemic delaying the show's production, and as Chibnall said earlier this year, it was needed for the sake of the story being told. "Every episode is a chapter in a bigger story. We've changed the shape of the series for this year." 

Once Flux ends, Whittaker will have three specials premiering in 2022 before The Doctor regenerates into a new actor, and Chibnall's tenure as showrunner ends as Russell T. Davies makes his return. Who will the new Doctor be? We won't know for certain until next year.

Doctor Who: Flux airs on BBC American beginning on Halloween.