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Donald Glover talks 'Community' return as movie films soon, teases 'Star Wars' return as Lando

Donald Glover doesn't know much about the Community movie, but he knows he's onboard.

By Matthew Jackson
Donald Glover as Troy in Community

As we get closer and closer to fulfilling that "six seasons and a movie" promise with Community, Donald Glover has confirmed that he's ready to go as soon as everything else is in place...even if he doesn't really know anything about the movie yet.

Speaking to GQ in a lengthy career retrospective that kicked off with his time on the beloved NBC sitcom, Glover said that he's all set to return as Troy Barnes, and that the film, a Peacock streaming original, is set to begin shooting "soon." Despite that looming production start, though, Glover said that preparations for the film have so far been very similar to his time on the show, in that creator Dan Harmon has yet to show him a script.

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"We're supposed to be shooting it soon," Glover said. "Haven't seen a script, don't know. In true Dan fashion, will probably get it on the first day. It's supposed to be happening, but I know just as much about it as you do."

In discussing his time on the original series, Glover also recalled the suits' characterization of the show as a "bomb" that no one was watching, only to have that perspective frequently upended when he'd meet fans while touring. Even now, when his career has hit many more major milestones and he's gone on to even bigger projects, Glover noted that he's still regularly approached by Community fans new and old.

"Me and Danny [Pudi] went out for dinner at Pine & Crane like I guess a week ago? S**t was wild [laughs]," Glover said. "People acted like they saw a f****n Pokemon. I didn't realize people cared that much. I guess we went to Comic-Con once and it was a little crazy, but I was like 'That's Comic-Con, that's like nerd central,' so I was expecting people to be into it like that. But it is strange now, where I'm like 'Oh yeah, people watch the show.' Especially with it being on streaming. People watch it in a weekend."

But Troy is not the only iconic character on Glover's mind lately. When the retrospective touched on his time as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, he noted that there is indeed hope for a return to that character at some point, though he did not offer any more insight into how, when, or for how long.

"I would love to play Lando again," he said. "It's a fun time. It just needs to be the right way to do it."

Glover then added, "We're talking about it. That's as much as I can say without Kathleen Kennedy hunting me down."

The return of Lando Calrissian is still just a possibility, but the return of Troy Barnes is definitely real. The Community movie is coming soon to Peacock. 

If you're looking for something funny to watch in the meantime, The Office is streaming now on Peacock!