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SYFY WIRE Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol makes Mr. Nobody a somebody in teaser for DC Universe series

By Jacob Oller
mr. nobody doom patrol

Doom Patrol has some big shoes to fill after following up DC Universe’s Titans. But with the fun combination of weirdos that is Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, Crazy Jane, The Chief, and Cyborg...well, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re already so goofy. After being introduced to much of the cast through cameo episodes, character posters, and tiny teases, Doom Patrol has given fans a much better look — and not just at the superheroes.

The show’s first trailer gives us plenty of great lines and visual gags, sure, but it also gives us the first look at Alan Tudyk’s take on the series’ villain, Mr. Nobody.

Check it out:

Not to be confused with the Jared Leto film, Mr. Nobody aka Eric Morden is an OG Doom Patrol baddie. He’s partially empty, which reflects his sanity-draining superpower. The villain is a black hole, both in appearance - where most of Tudyk is just...missing - and in personality. He takes and he takes. He’s also fed up with “more TV superheroes,” a great bit of metahumor from the show.

Almost as good as Robotman questioning Cyborg’s various technological abilities or the Patrol’s hilariously dry session watching TV in a hotel room. It also looks like the squad is tasked with hunting Mr. Nobody, at least if Elasti-Woman’s question is to be taken more seriously than the rest of the trailer’s humor.

We’ll see how Mr. Nobody’s powers work when Doom Patrol premieres on Feb. 15.