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Despite cancellation, 'Doom Patrol' star promises Season 4 finale makes for a 'really good' ending

Doom Patrol's Mark Sheppard is confident we'll be satisfied with Season 4's conclusion.

By Matthew Jackson
Mark Sheppard in Doom Patrol Season 4 Episode 5

Earlier this week we got the sad news that Doom Patrol — one of the strangest and most emotionally satisfying superhero shows ever — will be ending its run on HBO Max after four seasons, alongside fellow DC series Titans. Season 4 kicked off late last year, but there are still six episodes to go sometime in the near future, which means we don't yet know how the series will end, leaving some fans concerned that the story will be left unfinished. According to co-star Mark Sheppard, though, that's not the case.

Sheppard, who's guest-starred on every season of Doom Patrol as occult detective Willoughby Kipling, knows the mind and storytelling ability of Doom Patrol showrunner Jeremy Carver well, thanks to all the time they spent working together back on Supernatural. And in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, he assured fans that Carver was ready to bid farewell to the series after four seasons, and scripted the final episodes accordingly with the rest of the Doom Patrol writers room.

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"Genuinely, I do know that Jeremy was prepared for this," Sheppard said. "So the end of Doom Patrol, season 4B, is really good. It's really good as an ending."

Of course, one of the joys of Doom Patrol is that, even with the benefit of knowing how Season 4 has progressed so far, we really have no clue what a "really good" ending for the show looks like, because it's always been such a versatile, reality-bending story. Throw in the show's massive ensemble led by the title team of misfit superheroes, and we're bound for one last unpredictable ride even with only six episodes to go. 

Now, with the series finale inevitably approaching, Sheppard and his Doom Patrol compatriots are paying a little more attention to the legacy of the show, and the sheer achievement of getting to make something so wild and out there for four years at a time when the streaming game is so volatile for so many other genre series. Four seasons of any show is an achievement right now, but four seasons of Doom Patrol feels especially impressive.

"We got four years of Doom Patrol out under the wire, and we made something beautiful. That was a joy," Sheppard said. "I mean, it was an absolute joy. And after season 1, everyone was asking: 'Why isn't Brendan Fraser in everything?' And it's true, because he's just so wonderful.

"If you put your heart into something, it doesn't matter what it is. If you put your heart and your passion into something, it is its own reward."

Doom Patrol will return for its final run of episodes soon. 

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