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Getting married? Let the voice of Duke Nukem do your ‘I do’ honors…in character

By Benjamin Bullard
Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Forever just took on a whole new meaning. In a radioactively righteous case of art finding its way into real life, Jon St. John — the voice-acting star behind the boot-stompin’ hero himself —  has just been ordained to officiate real-world weddings. And if your nuptials absolutely, positively have to go off with that extra blast of awesome from the mouthy master of mayhem, St. John says he’s happy to officiate yours — in character.

“If Duke means enough to a fan that they’d have me officiate their wedding, who am I to say no?” St. John told SYFY WIRE, after explaining that he’s never gone full Nukem in costume before. “While I have cosplayed in the past, I’ve never dressed up as Duke, but it’s certainly something I would now consider for a ceremony.”

St. John tweeted out news of his ordination this week, along with word that he’s already been booked for his first official wedding gig. As you might’ve already guessed, the idea of having a cigar-chomping, shades-wearing tyrannosaurus of video game badassery challenging anyone to object to a happy couple’s holy union is already a megaton hit with Duke Nukem fans. 

If you’re already thinking how cool it would be if St. John takes the next logical step and brings the whole Duke Nukem experience to life — even, perhaps, as a themed-wedding destination — you’re not alone. After all, flowers and lace suddenly seem downright boring when your wedding instead could feature explosions, aliens (defeated ones, of course), and just everything that follows in general once Duke’s fresh out of bubblegum.

“At this moment, I am an itinerant minister only, but given the level of interest I’m receiving, I won’t say it’s out of the question to see a more permanent venue in the future,” St. John said via email, adding that he’s already been contacted by at least one convention he’s set to appear at in the near future, “to set up something along those lines.”

A voice-acting star whose long list of gaming credits also includes franchises like Sonic the Hedgehog, Half-Life, Star Trek, and more, St. John knows that fans’ themed-wedding imaginations are likely to go to some interesting places, and he’s definitely down to see what they might dream up. “We’ve had dozens of requests roll in from around the world and already have one confirmed ceremony, in the voice of Duke Nukem, scheduled to take place on my cruise con, NotCon at Sea, next February,” he explained. “I’m obviously very excited about that one!”

Now that a Duke Nukem-officiated wedding is really a thing, we admit it: We're just counting the days before that first inevitable “Yeah! Piece of cake!” reception photo hits the internet … with St. John holding the knife, of course.

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