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Horror icons unite in first look at Dynamite's Elvira Meets Vincent Price comic miniseries

By Jeff Spry
Elvira Meets Vincent Price

It's hard to believe these two titans of terror haven't joined forces in the comics realm before, but now Dynamite Entertainment has brought the legendary Mistress of the Dark together with the Merchant of Menace for a new comic book miniseries this summer — and SYFY WIRE is offering up a special exclusive preview of the premiere issue.

Written by David Avallone (Bettie Page, Drawing Blood) and showcasing evocative artwork by Juan Samu (Black Panther, Transformers), Elvira meets Vincent Price #1 kicks off this spooky team-up project on Aug. 4.


The storyline finds the dapper ghost of Vincent Price tasked with a mission that only the macabre maven, Elvira, can help him out with. The apocalypse is on the horizon, and it's destined for a livestreaming event suitable for epic binge-watching. But a fabled lost Hollywood film might actually save the world and it's up to the sexy horror hostess and her phantom companion to locate it in time. 


Here, Avallone taps into his own history and affection for Old Hollywood to resurrect Vincent Price for this spooky fun adventure. The creative team is rounded out by returning colorist Walter Pereyra and letterer Taylor Esposito.

"I’ve been writing Elvira a few years now, and I’ve had her meet a bunch of historical and mythological figures," Avallone tells SYFY WIRE. "It seems to go with her persona as a “horror host” to have her interacting with people like Mary Shelley and Vlad the Impaler, or Lucifer and Divine, and so I’m always on the look out for other legends for her to encounter. When Dynamite suggested a team-up with Vincent Price, I was very excited to write it. I remembered what fantastic chemistry they had on screen when Vincent was still with us.

"I had always enjoyed Price’s movies, and his witty, charming “real world” persona. Prepping this job, I did a deep dive on his films and his life story, and came away with an even deeper appreciation and affection for the man. He was incredibly special, and it is an honor and a delight to be able to write him."


"For super horror/Price nerds, the plot of Elvira Meets Vincent Price is based on a very strange true story: a “lost film” called The Aries Computer that was never made… but still has an IMDb page," he adds. "That story becomes the jumping-off point for a globe-trotting horror-comedy adventure, as Vincent and Elvira search for the “lost schlock” which will save the world from the return of a vengeful Egyptian god. Along the way, there’s the usual terrible sex puns, pop culture references and nutty hijinks I’m sure the audience has come to expect from my Elvira comics. I can’t wait for her fans, and Vincent’s, to read it."

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Now check out this first look at Dynamite's Elvira Meets Vincent Price #1 in the full gallery below, with variant covers by longtime Elvira artist Dave Acosta, pinup artist John Royle, and a provocative photo of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!