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WIRE BUZZ: Eli Roth plots a Clownpocalypse; The Batman officially begins production

By Benjamin Bullard
Eli Roth via Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez 2019

How fitting does this seem? When the end comes, it may show up squirting death-water from its lapel in a hell-on-wheels clown car. Horror master Eli Roth is reportedly putting together a new, multi-pronged horror franchise titled Clownpocalypse, one that'll launch a cataclysmic media constellation of games, short-form series, and more — all anchored by an upcoming feature film, presumably of the same name.

Gushing about a new horror project for which “no idea has been too crazy,” Roth told Deadline that the new franchise will reflect the anything-goes spirit in which it’s being created, with no rules or restraints to dial back on the preposterous proceedings that a name like “Clownpocalypse” suggests. 

“For years I’ve had people tell me ‘You can’t do that in a game, it’s too insane’ and I finally found partners who said, ‘Let’s take this a step further.’ It feels like we’re making a game, movie and live experience with no parental supervision or studio to tell us to tone it down, and that’s the only way to create something spectacular and memorable.”

Adding that Clownpocalypse in all its component pieces will add up to a new franchise that’s “a big, fun, scary event for gamers, movie fans, and people who love live events,” Roth is partnering with digital entertainment production company 3BlackDot to scare up a new multiplayer video game — reportedly already deep in development — as well as merchandise and a live Clownpocalypse experience aimed at saturating our silly horror-craving lives with a multi-platform release. 

The hunt is reportedly on for a movie director, but there’s no word yet on casting or a release date. For now, we’ll just keep our ears to the ground and listen closely for the zany, horn-honkin’ sounds of approaching doom

With the Dark Knight rising once again for a much-hyped new movie starring Robert Pattinson as the next film iteration of the Caped Crusader, we’re getting our first piece of solid evidence that production on The Batman is finally underway. 

Director Matt Reeves Bat-signaled his Twitter followers today with a short but sweet day-one photo post from The Batman's set, announcing in the process that filming on the movie has indeed begun in London.

How will one of DC’s biggest heroes take to a London-based backdrop as the Gotham setting for next year’s film? Other than the sumptuous leather upholstery in the photo’s background, it’s still anyone’s guess.

Starring Pattinson alongside Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis, Jayme Lawson, John Turturro, and Peter Sarsgaard, The Batman answers a new distress call when the movie descends on theaters June 25, 2021.