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Emily Blunt creates world's quietest airline in A Quiet Place late night spoof

By Matthew Jackson
Emily Blunt A Quiet Place plane parody

A Quiet Place Part II is one of the most anticipated genre releases of 2020, a major horror sequel that promises to expand the world introduced in the original 2018 hit by showing us what life is like for some of the other survivors of the invasion that wiped out most of humanity. We're also hoping the film will shed more light on the creatures that have turned Earth into such a, well, quiet place. We know that they have super-acute hearing and can track you down if you make the slightest sound, and that certain frequencies can be harmful to them...but how would they do in an airline situation?

A Quiet Place Part II star Emily Blunt was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night to promote the film, and after discussions of how the film came together and a little talk about her family, she was eager to let the audience know that she and husband John Krasinski have decided to expand the Quiet Place brand. Their next frontier? Airlines, because as many of us know, there are few things in the world more irritating than an airplane filled with extremely loud passengers. 

In a commercial following the interview, Blunt introduced A Quiet Plane, a new airline that prioritizes silence above all else, and promises that "helpful cabin creatures" will assist any passengers or flight attendants who decide it's important to make a sound. Check out the parody below:

Earlier in the interview, Blunt also explained how Krasinski was coping with the stress of delivering a sequel to a major horror blockbuster, and revealed that he'd turned to arts and crafts to help manage stress. After commenting that she'd read that directors like Martin Scorsese will sometimes check into hospitals when they're done making the film, she noted that her husband had taken a different approach and started "fingerweaving" — using his fingers to weave colored bands together into a long snake — after learning it from their six-year-old daughter. Apparently Krasinski found it so soothing that it put him in a kind of crafty trance.

"I think it was like two days after John handed in the film, he started fingerweaving, and I remember looking at him thinking 'Is he OK?'" Blunt recalled. "And I said, like, 'Isn't that nice, John, doesn't that feel so nice?' Didn't answer me...He was gone." 

A Quiet Place Part II opens March 20.