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Even Greedo himself thinks that latest Star Wars edit on Disney+ is 'absurb'

By Jacob Oller
Han and Greedo Star Wars imdb

Star Wars fans might be up in arms about the final farewell edit that George Lucas made to the original 1977 film’s famously altered Greedo/Han confrontation now that they’ve begun to see it on Disney+, but nobody’s more flummoxed by the decision than the actor behind the Rodian bounty hunter.

Was Han acting in self-defense? Can the bounty hunter truly move his head as fast as the Mos Eisley cantina showdown implies? These questions aren’t up for debate, but the weird new dialogue is. The new edit of the scene shows Greedo not only shooting first, but speaking an additional line before Han Solo blasts him. All in all, a pretty silly change. That’s what actor Paul Blake thought when he spoke to Empire Magazine about the newest edit.

When asked if he’d seen the new version of the scene, Blake replied that he had. “I couldn't understand a word of it,” he laughed. “It confused me incredibly, but I've never understood anything about the movies anyway, particularly that. The convention I've just come back from, I had a million opinions from everybody. This new word!"

This word, “Maclunkey” (as Twitter has designated it), has caused the man in the green mask to joke along with the rest of the fandom. "Yeah, well, [Greedo]'s talking about his Scottish grandmother there,” Blake said. “Greedo had a Scottish grandmother and an Irish grandfather, and a Rodian stepmother. That's why he shouted 'Maclunkey' just before he died. He's about to meet his grandfather. How absolutely absurd, what is George [Lucas] doing these days?"

Lucas reportedly made the change to the scene before selling Lucasfilm to Disney, perhaps as a final act of creative control. Fans certainly won’t ever forget his signature touch, and can check out the “absurd” change to the classic A New Hope scene on Disney+ now.