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Horror hit 'Evil' blessed with third season renewal at Paramount+ as creators extend CBS deal

By Josh Weiss

Psychology and religion will once again join hands and sing kumbaya in a third season of Evil on Paramount+, the streaming platform confirmed Thursday. The series, which is currently in the middle of airing its sophomore season, was renewed in the wake of the show's creators — Robert and Michelle King — extending their overall deal with CBS Studios by another five years.

"Robert and Michelle represent an elite class of producers who consistently deliver intelligent, provocative and acclaimed series across all platforms," George Cheeks, CEO and President of CBS, said in an official statement. “Their stories are brilliant, the characters are memorable and the productions always have a sharp, premium visual style. The Kings’ contributions to CBS are significant and this ongoing partnership is a major source of pride for our company."

The X-Files meets The ExorcistEvil follows David (Luke Cage's Mike Colter), a devout priest-in-training who teams up with skeptical psychologist Kristen (Westworld's Katja Herbers) to solve the church's backlog of unexplained mysteries said to involve bona fide hauntings, possessions, and miracles.

"We’ve been part of the CBS family for over a decade and couldn’t be more thrilled to continue the relationship,” added the Kings, who are married. “George Cheeks, David Nevins, David Stapf and his team have been the most supportive, thoughtful partners imaginable. We look forward to many more shows for many more years."Aasif Mandvi, Michael Emerson, Christine Lahti, Kurt Fuller, Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco, and Dalya Knapp make up the rest of the cast. Robert and Michelle King, Liz Glotzer, Rockne S. O’Bannon, and Nelson McCormick serve as executive producers.

“Michelle and Robert have been integral to our success as a studio for more than a decade. We are continually bowled over by their ability to invent new forms of storytelling and their uncanny knack of being prescient and relatable while holding a mirror up to culture,” said CBS Studios President David Stapf. “Their series have all been landmark, genre-busting shows, widely recognized among television’s best. They are simply extraordinary, and we are so proud and honored to be continuing our partnership."

Episode 4 of Evil's second season ("E Is for Elevator") premieres on Paramount+ this Sunday, July 11.