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'Evil' star Mike Colter says one item in his Season 3 wardrobe is a 'chick magnet'

Mike Colter shared his character's upcoming struggles and new priestly sense of style.

By Vanessa Armstrong
Mike Colter

Mike Colter gets a little sidetracked when speaking to SYFY WIRE about Season 3 of Paramount+’s Evil. It has to do with what's around his character's neck. In the new season, his character David wears a priest collar. It's a big deal, to the point where it's hard to focus on other questions when the collar comes up.

“I got distracted by the whole collar thing. What was the question?” Colter admits. 

Colter wears the heavenly accouterment often in the show's upcoming episodes, and he apparently wasn’t the only only one distracted by it.

“The collar was a chick magnet,” Colter says. “I learned that you can't put that on and walk the streets in New York City — you got to take that off. It's just not okay to wear that around. You know, it's a challenge. It's a challenge to everyone who sees it.”

Photo of Mike Colter as David Acosta in CBS's Evil

In Season 3, David is now an ordained minister, which is arguably less exciting than being an assessor who investigates potential demonic and miraculous events. But according to Colter, even though things may start out slow for David, his life soon become more than a little bit interesting.

"I've never had to spend all my time in a room alone," Colter says, referring to his character's priestly life. "With no television, no form of entertainment, praying, doing weddings, ceremonies, mostly confessionals. Doing all these things on a day-to-day level that would isolate you from civilian life ... that becomes front and center in the third season for David — what is it like to be a priest? And to get ahead of it, it is boring. But I think immediately [Evil’s co-creators Robert and Michelle King] and the writing staff have found a really interesting way to make things fun — to really give David a lot of obstacles and make it very difficult for him.”

Just because things are difficult for David, however, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t sometimes get to have a good time. “He finds an outlet in the form of a demonic entity that visits him at night. So he's going to have a bit of fun there. Maybe a little bit too much fun,” Colter teases. “And then he's going to be sucked into this agency that functions within the Catholic church called The Entity, and that's going to give him a new purpose, a bit of a double agent thing for him. I'm looking forward to people seeing what this is for David — it’s going to be fun.”

You can catch David face these new challenges when the third season of Evil premieres on Paramount+ on Sunday, June 12. 

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