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Exclusive: Comixology unwraps fall comic lineup Breaklands, Stone Star and Promethee 13:13

By Ernie Estrella
Promethee 1313 ogn COVER

Sci-fi comic book fans will have a full line-up of fresh reads available on November 24 when ComiXology Originals releases three new series, including the second seasons for Breaklands and Stone Star and the original graphic novel, Prometheé 13:13. SYFY WIRE has the preview of all three projects and spoke exclusively with the creators.

Breaklands Season 2 #1

Written by Justin Jordan, Art by Tyasseta, Colors by Sarah Stern, and Letters by Rachel Deering

Set 150 years after humanity evolved and developed psychic powers and life as we currently know it ceased to exist. This thrilling and intense post-Break world has risen from the ashes, where fighters thrive and the innocent is swallowed whole. Breaklands is about young Adam Fain who is hunted down after it is discovered that he possesses the sought after shaper ability. Armed with only her bow and arrows, older sister Kasa (with new friends) spends much of Season 1 chasing after those who kidnapped Adam. Eventually reunited, the first season ended on the cliffhanger that Kasa possesses the most powerful ability of them all, the ability to negate powers. Continually on the run, Kasa and Adam are lethally potent should they fall in the wrong hands. Might readers discover who the Fains are and how Kasa came to be a null in this latest volume?

Breaklands Season 2 #1 Final Cover
Breaklands Season 2 #1 Page 4

"Not quite," Jordan told SYFY WIRE. "But there are some major, major clues as to how that happened. It's not at all a coincidence that Kasa can negate powers and Adam is potentially nearly omnipotent. Or that their mother kept them away from the world."

"The analogy I've used is that Adam is essentially a nuclear bomb, which is valuable...but Kasa is someone who can keep bombs from exploding, and that's way, way, waaaaay more dangerous to the balance of power in the world."

Season 2 will open up to new worlds for artist Tyasseta and colorist Sarah Stern to world build. It will also dive into supporting character Gargarin's origins and unfold the abstract ideas of who the God King Rask is and what his kingdom and The Shining City are after. 

"They both claim to want a finer world. It's just they have very different ideas about what that means," Jordan teased.

Stone Star Season 2 #1 Cover

Stone Star Season 2  #1

Written by Jim Zub, Art by Max Dunbar, Colors by Espen Grundetjern and Letters by Marshall Dillon

The first season of this intergalactic mashup of cyberpunk and gladiator combat brought together street orphan Dail and royal family Kikanni, who find out their future awaits them aboard the mobile space station Stone Star that docks itself from planet to planet to broadcast fights from the Grand Arena. One of the mysteries that will carry over into Season 2 will be what happened to his father.

"Season 2 definitely includes some key revelations about Stone Star's past, including the death of Dail's father and who was responsible," Zub revealed. "Now that we have our introduction out of the way, we're having fun expanding the scope of the story, delving into the past while also pushing things forward into the future."

Stone Star Season 2 #1 Page 4

In addition to major plot developments, Dail and Kikanni will continue to mold into contenders, but they'll have to work their way up and learn how to fight together. "Dail has raw power and Kikanni has been trained for battle, but neither of them have seen much in the way of real combat, so the Ring of Rivals requires a big shift in terms of their attitude and fortitude.

That's part of what this season is about - what each of them is willing to give in order to win and the temptations that come with that.

The new season also means a new planet and it's a different world that Dunbar had to design and render. Instead of a lush, jungle environment, he thought a barren desert would be a good contrast. The landscape is full of skeletons piled high as harbor cities.

"Jim came up with some really cool lore," Dunbar previewed. "I spent a lot more time trying to figure out the look and feel of the world. One of the things I love most about Stone Star, is that it can take you anywhere, and the possibilities are only limited by our imagination."

Promethee 13:13 page 22

Prometheé 13:13

Based off the works of Christophe Bec, Written by Andy Diggle, Art by Shawn Martinbrough, Cover by Jock

Diggle and Martinbrough created this gripping prequel for Christophe Bec's incredible and massive 20-volume alien invasion story, produced from 2008-2017 as a part of the French bande dessineé, about how humans have been manipulated by aliens. 13:13 is a graphic novel that gives a new sample of that great tale through two stories. The first introduces readers to Darla, who suffered from visions of being abducted by aliens as a child. After years of therapy and medication, she is convinced herself that her experience and the visions of an apocalyptic invasion were all in her mind – until she is confronted by those who want to remind her that it's real and it is happening. 

The other story stars astronauts of the latest space shuttle Atlantis mission that goes awry when something takes hold of the controls. It is a chilling, psychological thriller and is the perfect satisfying read that could open readers to a legendary science fiction franchise that's not yet mainstream. 

With the confirmed Naval UFO sighting in San Diego, CA and the storming of Area 51, aliens are back in the conversation. The TV shows X-Files and recently Project Blue Book reached deeper into pop culture to talk about how Air Force knew of strange things happening.

"That kind of mystery conspiracy stuff seems to be back in fashion but it wasn't a conscious decision, this is always just what I've been into," Diggle said about what drew him to Prometheé 13:13. "Plus if you've read my other stuff you know that I'm super paranoid by how power actually works in the real world. It felt very me."

Promethee 13:13 page 23

"One of the things I've noticed visually is the more real you can make the world, the scarier it is," Martinbrough said about this grounded take. "When people look like common people, to lull people into a false sense of visual security, then you hit them with the scary, fantastical stuff, it has more impact, and that was what I was trying to convey."

"With Darla, I wanted an every woman," Diggle explained. "Someone we could empathize with and who herself is empathetic, someone who is very ordinary who suddenly finds herself thrust into this situation. She's adbucted twice. First by aliens and the second time by humans as an adult. This is how she would deal with it. She's not saving the world like Tom Cruise, she's freaking out and trying to keep it together. "

Prometheé 13:13 dovetails into Bec's massive 20-volume opus, which is also available to read on ComiXology.

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview for Stone Star Season 2 #1, Breaklands Season 2 #1 and Prometheé 13:13 so be sure to check every page below. 

Each comic is available for pre-order and like all the Comixology Original series, the first issues of each series will be at no additional cost for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and comiXology Unlimited. Print versions will eventually be made available through Dark Horse

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