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Watch: Exclusive First Look at Season 2 of Eli Roth's Animated Horror Series Fright Krewe

Watch the new DreamWorks Animation trailer for Fright Krewe, the second season of James Frey and Eli Roth's animated teen horror series.

By Tara Bennett
Soleil, Pat, Maybe, and Stanley walk with a torch in Fright Krewe Season 2 Episode 5.

Ya'll, it's time to get scared again by the good and bad juju mixing it up in the DreamWorks Animation original series, Fright Krewe. The animated series is set in contemporary New Orleans and was created by long-time friends James Frey and Eli Roth. Their first animation collaboration, Fright Krewe is their original contribution to the growing category of entry-level horror, meant to welcome tweens and teens into the genre. 

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'We wanted to do a show for parents that love horror movies and want their kids to get into horror movies. Where they could show them something that's new, something that's modern, but also beautifully animated," Roth told SYFY WIRE about he and Frey's intentions with the series. 

Fright Krewe returns March 29 on Peacock with 10 new episodes. Watch the brand-new trailer that teases Belial reanimating an even scarier collection of monsters so he can conquer and reign over New Orleans. 

What happened in Season 1 of Fright Krewe?

Papa Legba, Pat Stanley, Ayizan Ogoun , Missy Soleil, and Ayida Weddo Maybe Mama Brigitte with the members of Fight Krewe in Fright Krewe 102

Season 1 premiered in October, 2023 and introduced horror-loving teen Soleil Le Claire (Sydney Mikayla). A high school student by day and tour guide for local haunts by night, Soleil is an outsider by choice. So when she has to suffer detention with a few of her school peers cleaning up the local cemetery, she doesn't immediately bond with Missy (Grace Lu), Pat (Terrence Little Gardenhigh), Stanley (Chester Rushing) and Maybe (Tim Johnson Jr.).

But a bit of literal blood spilled and bad timing means the group has to work together to fight the ancient resurrected demon spirit, Belial (Jacques Colimon). To do so, each incredulous teen is bestowed with the individual loa (or Voodoo spirits) of their ancestors. Through the first season, the teens struggled with the impact of their new powers and having to work together for a common cause. But they finally got there, just in time for Belial to level up his attack on the Fright Krewe. 

What monsters are coming in Season 2 of Fright Krewe?

Missy stands on a burnin log in lava in Fright Krewe Season 2 Episode 5.

As the trailer reveals, Belial summons a litany of new adversaries for the teens to stop. But Krewe's got some of their own creature allies, from rougrarous and vampires, to help this time around. Asked about curating their creatures for the second season, Frey explained, "When we first started, we actually made a long list of various monsters and certainly tried to focus on New Orleans and voodoo specific spirits and monsters because there are a whole bunch of them specific to the culture of New Orleans and greater Louisiana. If anything, there were more options and we could have ever needed."

Roth continued that they provided some options to the series showrunners, Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco, who then wove them into the show mythology, or created something unique to fit. "They really did a great job in weaving it together so that it becomes this 10-part story that you're watching. You want to see what the [next] monster is and how they're going to solve it. But the macro problem is always getting scarier and scarier and more interesting."

Reveller laughs in their jester costume in Fright Krewe Season 2 Episode 3.

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Outside of the creatures, Roth said the Krewe's dynamic will also include a lot of unexpected twists. "The friendships are going to change," he teased. "And what happens when Soleil loses their powers? Who can you trust and who do you tell? And how do you deal with a town when they know all these things that are going on now, and the secret's out a little bit?"

Having gotten the seal of approval from their own kids, both Frey and Roth said they hope they get even more eyes on Fright Krewe this season so that means they can tell more seasons of adventures. "From my point of view, I can't imagine a better version of the original show Eli and I sort of conceived and wrote together being made and broadcast. It's killer," he enthused.

Roth concurred. "It's great when kids can get scared but also know that it's gonna be okay because you're hanging out with the Fright Crewe. It's gonna scare you but it's not gonna traumatize you," he smiled.

Watch Season 1 of Fright Krewe now on Peacock.